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a sword is a sword and a helm's a helm
and if you reach into the fire you get burned.
written by katie

'Are you always a smartass?'
‘Nope. Sometimes I’m asleep.’

- Jim Butcher, Blood Rites (via larmoyante)



     This, right here - it’s why he loves spending
       time around Arya with dear Gendry being
        just a bit too busy to pay any attention.  
            He offers the sweet, and shrugs.

                  “Cutie, man.Because you’re cute?  Here,
                               there’s no frosting on this one - just a glaze.”

              He’ll take the donut ——- begrudgingly
                   and with obvious reluctance. He has to add
          sourly, just in case there might have been any doubt :

                                            “Don’t call me that.”

  "Heeeeeey cutie. Want a doughnut?"

                Well, he is hungry. Not that
           he much cares for sweets ——- but he’s
                       always hungry most the time. A
                  doughnut might not be so bad …

                                 “I don’t —— wait.”

                      He knew something was wrong here.

                            “What in the hells did you just call me?”

  What's up with you Arya and fire escapes?


     What the hells kind of a question is that?

                First, he just snorts a little. His flat is tiny and dark. She can’t
                ever seem to make it three minutes without wanting to smoke
                a cigarette and so long as he’s paying all the rent, there’s not
                the slightest chance he’s going to let her stink up the already
                dingy carpet and dingy furniture and dingy walls. She likes it
                outside. He doesn’t care too much one way or the other, really,
                but if they’re on the fire escape then there’s nobody else round
                to bother him. Where are the supposed to go? The godsdamn
                park? Take a walk in the park? No. He doesn’t like parks or
                streets or busy places with people jostling into one another and
                pretending to be polite about it. She likes to hang her feet off the
                grate and let them swing. Gendry likes to watch her do it and if
                it’s just the two of them, anyways, he’d just as soon not bother
                with anybody else at all. If he can help it. If she lets him.

                               He scowls, shrugs, and stuffs his hands into his pockets.

                                                         “S’somewhere to sit, isn’t it?”

  Okay you obv. don't have to but I'll be real about not feeling p. good s o can i send my url in like a loser omg

send me a character and i’ll list some blogs for them that i love / send me a url to hear why i love that blog.


       [ EXCUSE U QUEENIE. i will take any and all opportunities to explain to the world how amazing queenie is. and people who always take extra care to spread kindness to other people should never feel like a loser for needing some love, okay. why do i love queenie? because queenie is a ) an incredible writer with an apparently intuitive ability to dissect, analyze and understand their characters. i mean, you had been playing for pietro for a day and were already the best i’d ever seen of him on tumblr?! probably this has to do with the fact that ur a genuinely intelligent as hells person, remarkably so, and i always known that when something comes up, however strange the topic, you are going to research the fck out of it or you probably already know way too much about whatever the hell it is. because you’re committed : to your writing, to your characters and to your friends. and i’m super honoured to ( inflated own ego here no one look ) call myself one of those friends. from the first time we ever chatted, you have always been an enthusiastic and hilarious ball of good ideas and genuine caring and you deserve all the love in the world, okay? okay. i quietly encourage people to take the hint. ]

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   [ i feel like i should be labelling some of these ‘spoopy’? oof but, while not all ‘terrifying’ in a certain sense, all deal with macabre themes. some are straight up creepy :
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